Social Organizations

African Students Union (ASU)

The African Student Union (ASU) exists to promote unity and appreciation of cultural diversity among African Students and the DBU community, and to support African students in their academic pursuits and transition to life in the United States through a variety of activities. The ASU aims to provide all students the opportunity to find a home in the DBU community.

Brazilian Student Association (BSA)

The Mission of the Brazilian Student Association (BSA) is to promote cultural enrichment among Brazilian students and the DBU community through social and spiritual activities in order to enhance their Christ-centered and servant leadership experience at DBU.

Christ for the Nations Student Fellowship

The purpose of the Christ for The Nations Institute (CFNI) Student Fellowship, CSF Connect, is to provide Dallas Baptist University students from CFNI the resources and opportunities to successfully integrate into the DBU community, while demonstrating their heart for missions and worship through fulfilling the University's servant leadership mission.

Indonesian Student Fellowship (ISF)

The mission of the Indonesian Student Fellowship is to welcome, assist, and show hospitality to new Indonesian students at DBU, to cultivate DBU's values and focus on developing physical, emotional, and spiritual maturity through fellowship among Indonesian students and student that represent ISF, and to promote events on campus that celebrate Indonesian heritage and culture.

International Chinese Fellowship (ICF)

The purpose of the International Chinese Fellowship (ICF) is to promote cultural enrichment among Chinese students and the DBU community through social and spiritual activities in order to enhance their Christ-centered and servant leadership experience at DBU.

Japanese Student Society

The purpose of the Japanese Student Society is to cultivate mutual friendship among Japanese students, to cooperate with other student organizations, and to promote cultural interchange between Japan and other countries.

Kinesiology Club

The Kinesiology Club is an organized body of students seeking to provide opportunities to Kinesiology majors/minors for professional development, networking, and Christian Fellowship, and to develop a sense of community in the kinesiology department.

Korean Student Association (KSA)

The mission of the Korean Student Association is to promote fellowship and unity among Korean and non-Korean students at Dallas Baptist University in order to help them become servant leaders who have a greater Christian perspective of current affairs in the global world.

Minute Men

The purpose of Minute Men is to model and lead students in support of all Patriot athletic programs, while also providing an opportunity for the members of Minute Men to develop brotherhood and camaraderie with one another.

Mu Kappa Alpha (Missionary Kid Alliance)

The Missionary Kid Alliance exists to provide opportunities for missionary kids and other third culture kids to relate to each other and to support one another as they adjust to life in the USA while in college, and affirm their international ties and identities. Any DBU student who has lived overseas or whose parents are involved in international missionary work may become a member. MK students at DBU help one another with reverse culture shock and enjoy social activities together.

Organization of Latin American Students (OLAS)

OLAS has established a mission to grow personally, as a group, and spiritually. The Latin American culture is strong in friendship, sharing, and family. For many of the members of the organization, OLAS is a group where they can feel more "at home". By having fellowship and sharing the culure of Latin American countries members unite and the center of this union is faith in Jesus Christ. OLAS opens up opportunities to worship God, and serve Him.

The Regiment

In the year 2010, DBU introduced a fraternal order to be known as THE REGIMENT. This group of five men, Cannoneers, will foster an understanding and appreciation for the legacy of the American Patriot. THE REGIMENT will be charged with the duty of protecting and executing the ORDER OF THE CANNON. Through the firing of THE CANNON, THE REGIMENT will be responsible for advancing a spirit of pride among the University community.

South Asian Student Association (SASA)

The purpose of the South Asian Student Association (SASA) is to share love and friendship with South Asian students and help develop Christian servant leaders. SASA will provide opportunities to fellowship, promote cultural exchange among students from different countries, and provide educational and social experiences.

The Society of Young Business Professionals

The Society of Young Business Professionals serves to prepare students to develop into servant leaders who are equipped to be effective stewards of the Lord's resources, and to assist them in planning for careers in finance or business. Members will engage in activities to develop their skills and abilities, share knowledge, and build relationships.

Sports Management Club

The purpose of this organization is to encourage DBU undergraduate and graduate students interested in the field of sports management to learn, experience, and serve in areas of the sport industry. The Sports Management Club will do this by doing things like touring sports stadiums on the DBU campus and implementing various ways to utilize their knowledge and gain experience in the field.

The Vietnamese International Student Association (VISA)

To reach out to all the Vietnamese students on the DBU campuses, to fellowship, and to share cultural events with other Vietnamese Students as well as other DBU students. To encourage Vietnamese students to show the love of Christ.

Wilberforce DBU Chapter (WDC)

In Partnership with the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative, the purpose of DBU's Wilberforce University Chapter is to be ambassadors to the local culture on behalf of religious liberty reform for the purpose of international religious freedom. As religious freedom advocates, we mobilize and equip partners to promote global protections and reforms through advocacy, capacity building and technical innovations. Our Vision is to create a world where religious freedom is embraced as right for all.

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