Greek Life Explained

The Greek Life experience at DBU is a unique blend of social activities, service, ministry, leadership, and spiritual growth.  While each organization has its own distinctive character, each sorority and fraternity contributes to the campus life and the university community.   Students learn and grow from those involved in their own organizations, but also from those engaged in similar experiences in the other DBU Greek organizations.  There are numerous activities and events that allow students to gain hands-on leadership experience, as well as grow in their personal developmentand their relationship with the Lord.

The activity calendar of a member of the Greek Life community is never dull!  Whether attending a campus activity with sorority sisters, playing on your chapter’s intramural team, building a float during Homecoming Week, attending a weekly discipleship accountability group meeting,or taking part in fellowship with one of the other Greek organizations, there is always something fun and exciting occurring.  The members in your organization will become some of your closest friends as you engage the college experience together.  The mutual support, spiritual growth, and academic accountability encountered through the members of each chapter are benefits of the Greek Life system. 

As a foundational tenet of Dallas Baptist University, service and ministry are key components. Each organization supports and serves with various ministry and charitable organizations in the Dallas-Fort Worth community.  Both individually and as a group, the Greek Life community has accepted the responsibility to contribute to the success of these charities and ministries as they volunteer to support their goals and missions. 

Joining a sorority or fraternity provides instant access to support and encouragement through the sisterhood or brotherhood of DBU Greek Life. While each organization holds high standards for each member of the organization, accountability and discipleship go hand-in-hand as incoming members learn about themselves, their interdependence upon fellow members, and their relationship with the Lord. Maintaining a strong commitment to discipleship is an integral part of the Greek Life experience at DBU.

Through the student’s involvement in ministry opportunities, committee work, and organizational activity, members of sororities and fraternities develop leadership skills that they can utilize in all areas of their lives. These leadership skills teach the students how to interact with members of their organization, student clubs, and fellow classmates in a cooperative effort. The leadership skills that will be developed by being a member of a sorority or fraternity are among the most valuable learning experiences students will have through their Greek Life involvement.

Members of DBU sororities and fraternities are also expected to maintain high academic standards. Each chapter utilizes various study workshops, tutoring sessions, or required study halls to help new memberspursue academic excellence and to learn how to balance their academic responsibilities and co-curricular experiences.

Each member financially supports her sorority or his fraternity through member dues. Membership dues range from $90-$250 a semester, depending on the chapter’s guidelines.
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