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Greek Life

We are excited you have chosen to become a member of the Dallas Baptist University Family, and we look forward to assisting you in your educational and co-curricular pursuits during your college career. An important part of the college experience is the relationships you will develop during your time at DBU. The Greek Life community at Dallas Baptist University is an excellent way to enhance your education and meet new and interesting people who share common interests and goals. The friendships forged through these Christ-centered fraternities and sororities are strong, with shared memories and experiences that will play a significant role in your personal journey through the college years and beyond.

Joining one of the Greek Life organizations affords you the chance to explore exclusive learning opportunities through fellowship, service, ministry, discipleship, leadership, and academic support programs. You will be challenged in all aspects to achieve excellence in your life and through your affiliation with your fraternity or sorority. The purpose of these Greek organizations is the holistic personal development of each member, with primary focus on the spiritual maturation of the student in his or her walk with the Lord.

While each fraternity and sorority is autonomous and independent of each other, they are interconnected through their official student organization sponsorship by the University. DBU provides supervision and guidance to Greek organizations through the appointment of a full-time professional staff member of the University, who serves as the advisor and mentor to each fraternity and sorority. DBU sponsors only local Greek organizations and does not permit the chartering of national fraternities and sororities.

As you consider the various student organizational opportunities on campus, you are encouraged to ask questions and develop a sense of what you are looking for in your collegiate experience. Although Greek Life does not appeal to every student's needs and interests, DBU offers a diverse array of student organizations. These student clubs and groups, along with fraternities and sororities, provide students with the opportunity of joining a vibrant and exciting campus community, and this campus cultural experience can be transformational.

We hope you will prayerfully consider participating in DBU's Greek Life Rush or joining one of our other student organizations or clubs. Please contact the Student Services Office, if you have any questions or would like additional information on how you can be an integral part of the rich and dynamic campus life of Dallas Baptist University.


David Reyes
Director of Student Life

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