Ministerial Career Scholarships

First Year Baptist / Baptist General Convention of Texas Ministerial Grants


This program is available to qualifying full-time or part-time undergraduate students who are active members of their home Baptist church, have shown evidence of a divine call to Christian ministry, have shown a sincere commitment to a career in a church-related ministry, and have demonstrated a life-style of commitment to the principles of the Christian life. The student must also have the endorsement of his/her home church.


The First Year Baptist and BGCT Ministry Grants are provided by funds from the BGCT and are $50 per semester hour. The grant increases to $75 per semester hour for junior and senior BGCT students whose major or minor is in Biblical Studies, Christian Studies or Christian Ministries. Continuation of this grant is based upon approval of a renewal application and active participation in a BGCT church. The DBU Ministerial Scholarship, provided directly from DBU funds, is $50 per semester hour.

Questions regarding this program may be directed to the Director of Ministry Students. Students receiving the First Year Baptist Ministerial Grant may be able to apply for the BGCT Ministerial Grant after their first year. Contact the Director of Ministry Students for more information on eligibility. Frequently Asked Questions are answered at this link: Ministerial FAQ's.

To print an application click "Application" and select either the UNDERGRADUTE or GRADUATE link at the bottom of the page.  Complete and return as directed on the application. 


Funding is available to qualifying students in the following ways:


Additional Ministerial Scholarships

  • Master of Arts in Christian Education
  • Master of Arts in Christian Education: Childhood Ministry,
  • Master of Arts in Christian Education: Student Ministry
  • Master of Arts in Global Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Theological Studies
  • Master of Arts in Worship Leadership
  • Master of Arts in Christian Ministry
These grants are awarded at $100 per semester hour.

  • Ed.D. in Educational Leadership Education Ministry Leadership Track
  • Ph.D. in Leadership Studies Ministry Concentration

DBU matching grants are $100 per credit hour for masters students and $150 per credit hour for doctoral students.

Questions regarding these programs may be directed to the Director of Ministry Students.

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