Financial Aid FAQ's

Renewal of Aid

The Office of Financial Aid attempts to award aid each year consistent with the student's prior year awards as long as funds are available and provided the student continues to meet the eligibility requirements of each aid program.

For renewal of aid in a new term follow the steps below:

  • Complete the DBU Supplemental Application for Financial Aid and submit to the Office of Financial Aid by the March 15 priority date, the date for which a student is to be considered for maximum aid.
  • Complete the FAFSA as early in the calendar year, before the new term, as possible.

NOTE: For most aid programs the financial aid year begins in the Fall and ends with the Spring term.


Summer is considered a "trailer" to the previous financial aid award year. Eligibility for Summer assistance is determined by submission of the DBU Summer Supplemental and the prior year FAFSA results. It is not part of the renewal of aid process.  IMPORTANT NOTE: There could be little to no loan funds left for summer classes if a student has used their annual loan limits during the Fall and Spring terms.  It is always wise to limit borrowing to just what is needed to supplement costs for each term of enrollment.

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Information regarding specific yearly amounts for each Federal Aid program is available in the FINANCIAL AID STUDENT GUIDE, published annually by the US Department of Education.

Click HERE to view that publication online.