Financial Aid FAQ's

Award Procedures


Financial aid awards will be made only after the FAFSA results have been sent to DBU via a FAFSA and the DBU SUPPLEMENTAL APPLICATION FOR FEDERAL STUDENT AID has been completed and processed. If a student's record is selected for verification (a process which reviews the FAFSA data), all required documentation and corrected FAFSA information must be received before the application process is complete. Only when these are done is a student's financial aid file considered full and complete and ready to be reviewed for all eligible financial aid.

For financial aid programs in which need is the factor in determining eligibility, the Federal Pell Grant is awarded first. After the Federal Pell Grant, other Federal and State programs, as well as institutional scholarships for which the student is eligible are awarded. Then any gift aid, such as outside scholarships and Church Match Gifts are awarded.

After gift aid sources have been applied, then additional awards are packaged from self-help types of aid, such as student employment and loans. Student employment is considered if the student worked in the prior year or requested work-study on his/her DBU Supplemental Application for Student Financial Aid. Generally, work-study is awarded if funds exist, unless it would be impractical for the student to work because of limited eligibility.

When eligibility for all other funds have been exhausted or when all other funds for which the student is deemed eligible have been awarded, loans will be awarded to fill the remaining unmet need, or cost of attendance.


Programs which have limited funds available for awarding will be awarded based on a completed application date.  Once all all available funds are awarded, eligible students will be placed on a wait list should additional funds become available. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the semester. No retroactive applications are allowed past the end of an enrollment period.

An Award Letter is then mailed to the student, as well as posted to WebAdvisor (which may be viewed if the student is registered).  This Award Letter contains the names and amounts of the financial aid awards the student is eligible to receive. The Award Letter notice also contains some instruction, as well as important information about restrictions and conditions that can affect the ability of the student to receive the amounts awarded. It should be read carefully.

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Information regarding specific yearly amounts for each Federal Aid program is available in the FINANCIAL AID STUDENT GUIDE, published annually by the US Department of Education.

Click HERE to view that publication online.