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Please Review Your Award Package Carefully

This information is a continuation of the DBU FINANCIAL AID AWARD LETTER that you received in the mail and is available to you on WebAdvisor.  You were directed to this page from information received in your award letter. 

If you have any questions, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at 214-333-5363. Please have your award letter in hand when you call.  Or, you may direct questions to Financial Aid via our email at

Please note that awards received after this award letter has been issued may result in mandated adjustments to existing awards. When an adjustment occurs to existing federal or state awards you should receive a Revised Award Letter informing you of the adjustments in aid.

Conditions to Receive Financial Aid Awards

To receive the award(s) listed you must be:

(1) Fully admitted to the University (students with an incomplete admissions file can be awarded aid, but it cannot be disbursed - or paid - into the student's account);

(2) Enrolled at least halftime (except for those scholarships and grants which require fulltime enrollment, or specifically permit less than halftime enrollment);

(3) Attending class (failure to attend class could cause your assistance to be reduced or removed and could adversely affect your future financial aid); and

(4) Maintaining Financial Aid Satisfactory Academic Progress - as outlined in the information section of the DBU Supplemental Application for Financial Aid. (This is not the same as meeting Academic Progress.  The Registrar's Office determines if you are eligible to continue taking classes at DBU, and will notify you accordingly.)

Disbursement of Financial Aid and Refunds

Federal, State, and institutional aid, including scholarships, will be posted to your account after the 10th class day (last day for adding classes in the long semester terms) as funds are available and verification of eligibility and enrollment has been made.

If you are due a refund those funds will be provided within 14 days after the credit balance occurs and is reviewed. For additional information on how they are calculated or for direct deposit information CLICK HERE.

Federal Direct Subsidized or Unsubsidized Loans

The offer of a loan award on this letter does not automatically guarantee receipt of loan funds. To receive the student loan funds you must enroll at least halftime and YOU MUST CERTIFY YOUR LOANS at  For additional information on securing your Direct Loan click HERE.

Graduate PLUS Loan

Graduate students who have exhausted the Stafford Loan eligibility may apply for a Graduate PLUS Loan up to the cost of attendance. Gradutae PLUS loans are credit based, so the student must meet the credit guidelines in order to be approved. An application may be made at For additional information on securing your Graduate PLUS Loan click HERE.


Federal Parent Loan (PLUS)

If you have been awarded a Federal Parent PLUS Loan (PPLUS) on your award letter, your parent(s) must navigate to the Federal Direct Loan site ( and make application, following the process for a Parent PLUS loan using their information. For any additional information regarding the loan or securing the Parent PLUS Loan click HERE.

Federal Work-Study

Contact the Career Services Office for assistance in locating a job, if you have not independently located a position;

Please be aware that Federal Work-Study positions on campus are limited and it is the responsibility of the student to secure for themselves a position.

For additional information on Work-Study contact the office of financial aid at or call 214-333-5363.


Ministerial Scholarships

If your award letter indicates a ministerial scholarship, you will need to complete the Ministry Student Grant/Scholarship Application (required to be renewed annually). To complete a Ministerial Application follow this link Ministerial Application Information. Some scholarships require fulltime enrollment, or are major specific.  This award is not final and will be on hold until the Office of Financial Aid is notified by the Ministry Program Office that you have been approved.

DBU Scholarships



To receive DBU scholarships you are required to complete the DBU Supplemental and the FAFSA. Institutional scholarships may also have other unique requirements that need to be followed.

Remember, it is the student's responsibility to understand the condition of such awards. Questions regarding a specific DBU scholarship should be addressed directly to the individual or department offering the scholarship.

Outside Private Scholarships

Congratulations on being awarded a scholarship from an organization outside DBU. These awards will be posted to your account as the funds are received.  Students should be aware that once notified of an outside scholarship, the Office of Financial aid may have to adjust other awards.

Please notify these organizations to send their checks (made payable to Dallas Baptist University) to

         DBU ATTN: Office of Financial Aid.

Be sure to advise them to indicate by letter, or notation on the check, the following:

  • Student name and address,
  • Student Social Security, or DBU ID number,
  • Any unique conditions of the award such as:
    • enrollment status,
    • semester award is to be applied, and
    • any and all direct or indirect costs for which the scholarship may be used.


Change of Information

The award package, as seen in your award letter, is based on information provided to DBU on your DBU Supplemental Application for Financial Aid, PLUS information already in our system, including your academic level, degree program, major, academic progress, etc. Also, it contains information submitted by you – the student – on your FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). 

REMEMBER, it is the student's responsibility to notify the Office of Financial Aid immediately of any pertinent information changes as some changes could affect your award. Failure to notify this office of any changes to your FAFSA or DBU Supplemental Application could result in cancellation or adverse adjustment(s) of these awards. In some cases it could even result in a repayment of funds already received.

If you are receiving scholarships or tuition assistance from an outside source that is not listed on your award letter, you are required to report that information to the Office of Financial Aid. According to Federal and State regulations, failure to report all aid received could result in cancellation of much, even all, of your awards and could require repayment of aid already received.


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Information regarding specific yearly amounts for each Federal Aid program is available in the FINANCIAL AID STUDENT GUIDE, published annually by the US Department of Education.

Click HERE to view that publication online.