How To Join

Regular Member:

A Regular Member must meet all the requirements as listed on the About Tribeta page. You will not only be able to attend meetings and events but also be able to vote and hold office.  The membership fee is $55, which is a one-time fee, and membership is lifetime.

Both Associate and Regular Members must attend a minimum number of meetings and activities.

Associate Member:

If you do not yet meet the requirements of full membership, you may join as an Associate Member.  You may attend meetings and activities and learn how to best serve when you are able to become a Regular Member.  The membership fee is $45.  When you are able to become a Regular Member, you will only pay an additional $10.


Applications are available from the TriBeta sponsor, Dr. Debra Hinson, Her office is located in Roberts 111, and the TriBeta box is on the wall outside.  Please do not place money in the TriBeta box but always hand deliver to Dr. Hinson or the Treasurer.