About TriBeta

Beta Beta Beta (TriBeta) is a National Biological Honor Society.  It is dedicated to improve the understanding and appreciation of biological science and promoting scientific research.

Beta Beta Beta National website

The National office is a great source of information.  You will find the Constitution, news, and more.  www.tri-beta.org

Omicron Kappa Chapter of TriBeta at DBU

TriBeta is a wonderful organization that combines scholarship, promotion of biological research, service to our community and world, and camaraderie among the biological community at Dallas Baptist University.

Although TriBeta was founded in 1922, the Omicron Kappa chapter here at DBU is brand new!  Our charter members were inducted in November of 2012.  Future induction ceremonies will be held each spring.

Requirements for membership:

  1. Biological Science Major
  2. Completed 3 semesters of a four-year biological science major
  3. Completed Biology 1405, 1406, 2405 or the equivalent
  4. 3.0 in biology courses
  5. Minimum of 8 hours in residence at DBU

Requirements to remain in good standing in TriBeta:

  1. Attend 75% of TriBeta events and meetings. Of this attendance, 2 must be official meetings.
  2. Complete at least 6 hours of community service each semester – A maximum of 3 CLS hours may count toward the 6 hours of service required.
  3. Maintain at least a 3.0 GPA in Biology courses
  4. Attend induction ceremony each spring

If you would like to be involved before you have met the requirements, you may join as an Associate Member.