On this page you will find links to some of the many scholarships opportunities available to DBU students.

Each scholarship has specific eligibility requirements.

Some are based on academic performance or other special talents.  These are called merit-based scholarships.

Others are based on financial need. These are called need-based scholarships.

New students
should contact the Office of Undergraduate Admissions for complete and current information on scholarships for new students.

Click on the category of scholarship below for additional information.



Please consult Blackboard frequently during the semester for updates on private scholarship opportunities. All enrolled students are members of the "Student Scholarships Organization" in Blackboard. This organization should appear directly below our list of current classes when you open Blackboard. Private scholarships come from banks, private foundations, trusts and community organizations, not from DBU.


The spring of each year is the best time to apply for scholarships.  All private scholarships have spring deadlines that award for the following academic year.


If you have questions regarding a DBU scholarship, please contact the Office of Financial Aid at our email address or by phone at 214-333-5363. Please direct questions regarding private scholarships to the Office of Scholarship and Grant Resources at 214-333-5278.

Financial Aid Forms Questions about Fees & Payments Contact Financial Aid


Again this year, the Federal government is offering a number of tax incentives

(some of which were set to go away)

that could help lower the cost of higher education for some families.

Follow the link below to learn about some of these incentives that may be available to you as you prepare your 2016 axes.


Tax Incentives for the 2016 Tax Year


Early FAFSA and Prior-Prior Year (PPY) Ready to Apply? Financial Aid Questions? Thinking About DBU? Grants Scholarships Loans Tuition & Housing Costs

Information regarding specific yearly amounts for each Federal Aid program is available in the FINANCIAL AID STUDENT GUIDE, published annually by the US Department of Education.

Click HERE to view that publication online.